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We are Caroline and Jayden -- a video + photo team that channels all of the personal dynamism of a family. Quite literally, in fact: we are wife + husband. Our collaboration is built on both creative and emotional understanding, and we seek to establish that same connection between everyone with whom we work. After reviewing Milani Cosmetics' mission and brand, we're confident of tremendous potential for collaboration. As for creative compatibility, we're excited to see your penchant for bright pops of color and vibrant lighting. We also own our own gorgeous photo studio, Light Lab in Atwater Village, which we could provide as the backdrop for the days on set. In our work you'll see that we've partnered with cosmetic brands like L'Oreal, Urban Decay and Aesop and have created content for them with a lighthearted and bright approach. Our approach is not to tell a story about cosmetics; our approach is to tell a story about people, and their relationship to Milani Cosmetics.